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Camp Mission and Objectives

The mission and objectives of the U.S. Grant Camp are to support those established by the Grand Army of the Republic and passed on to the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War. Specifically, the Grant Camp is committed to:

1) Perpetuating the memory of the Grand Army of the Republic and the men who fought  to save the Union from 1861 to 1865;

2) Assisting in every practicable way in the preservation and making available for research of  documents and records pertaining to the Grand Army of the Republic and its members;

3) Cooperating in honoring all persons who have patriotically served our country in any war;

4) Teaching patriotism, the duties of citizenship, the true history of our country and the love and honor of the flag of the United States;

5) Opposing every tendency or movement that would weaken loyalty to, or make for the destruction or impairment of our constitutional Union;

6) Inculcating and broadly sustaining the American principles of representative government, of equal rights and of impartial justice for all.



Background music, "Battle Hymn of the Republic", courtesy of  Benjamin Robert Tubb.
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